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i have severe acne on my face, please help?

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There are diffent types of acne, and because of that, there are different treatments that can be used in your case. I will tell you about the kind of medicines that can be used according to the type and severity of your case: - Noninflammatory acne: This is when you have a lot of blackheads. The usual treatment is topical retinoids. - Mild papulopustular and mixed: When you have blackheads but little or few pustules as well. In this case you can use topical antimicrobial and topical retinoid. - Moderate papulopustular: You have principally pustules and a littler or few blackheads. In this case the treatment is a Topical retinoid, oral antibiotic and a topical antimicrobial. - Severe acne: When you have a lot of pustules that can be formed as nodules and blackheads that communicate between one another. In this case, you can also use the same regimen as the one before, but usually is prefered the use of isotretinoine as monotherapy. As you can see, there are a lot of regimens that a doctor can use. That would depend of your clinical presentation. Thats why it's necessary that you go to your doctor, to evaluate the type of acne, and based on that start the best treatment for you. Thanks for choosing us. If you have another question, you are more than welcome to do it.
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